The sports industry is like many others in the sense that over the past 5 years the customers journey has been stretched dramatically. This is down to the explosion of both content led sites and review sites. Customers now have access to a wealth of information which makes their decision making process more convoluted

In an ideal world a user journey would very much look like this:

In reality however this rarely happens. Potential customers will land on your site at variable stages of their decision making process. They will then leave your site and consume content elsewhere, sports publishers, review sites, social media etc.

Then over the next 30 – 60 days they will use all of this information to make an informed decision and you’ll be left hoping your brand is front of mind when they do eventually come to parting with their hard earned money.

So how do you track their intent and stay front of mind amongst these potential customers?

One way is to work with influencers in your sector using Facebook tracking pixels. This would involve taking your Facebook tracking pixel and inserting it on certain pages on popular sports influencer and well known publisher sites. Some of the influencers in our network receive 100,000’s of unique visitors per month, all browsing sports content from influencers they follow and admire.

This process allows you to develop custom audiences who have shown an interest or intent in sport. You can then retarget these audiences from your Facebook account using advertisements that contain bespoke messaging.

You can be as specefic as you want with this activity. If you operate in the football sector then only collaborate with influencers who regularly cover football content and receive a large amount of traffic from football fans. You want to be picking up as many relevant users as possible, specificity is key

This can be a really effective method of tracking intent and staying front of mind within your target market and helps you create short cuts in this modern day, detailed, customer journey.